On the morning of February 2, 2014 rain was in the air, it drizzled but the warmth of the day
created a mysterious erie fog instead over the area. As residents all over woke their families for the great Groundhog Day morning event, many for the first time, couldn't believe they were actually getting up this early " together "  to see a Groundhog known across the world as Holtsville Hal . As they approached the Holtsville Ecology Center & Wildlife Preserve they realized by the traffic they were not alone, not by a long shot !  " Hal " has made ALOT of friends and they woke up even earlier to find a parking space. The line of families and children had already grown waiting to get in, if you look, it was soooooooooo long it faded into the cloud of fog and well beyond. The smiles and laughter echoed across the Site, and rightfully so. They knew this was going to be a memorable Family Event to put in their scrap books, and the Staff were not about to let them down. When the gates opened the kids walked past all the animals in the Zoo, from Goats, to Bison, Eagles, Bears, Cow, Pigs, Mustangs and Roosters, Emu, Owls, and Peacocks, all the animals were wide awake......for they knew it was again......
                                    "  GROUNDHOG DAY ! "
             Enjoy the Snow !
        In Time for My Show !!
 ..."  IT'S SHOWTIME  "...
The Holidays bring out such artistic achievements everywhere. From Spectacular colorful shows, to window displays, right down to a house near you. In looking for those you might have missed,.... here are a few. But this first one Blew Me Away...when I say the picture can not bring out how spectacular it is to see in person and realize the work and vision it took to create it, dedicated to the Art of Music, my hat is off to the store where Dudley Moore bought the men's tie for Lisa Minneli in the 1981 movie filmed in part inside  "ARTHUR  " . Here he meets a girl from Queens,  the theme song - Best That You Can Do - was co-written by Christopher Cross, Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager and Peter Allen.  Every horn seen here......is Real !
This Wreath is on the South side of the hotel where John, Paul, George and  Ringo ( the Beatles ) stayed in a room at the top facing Central Park when they came for The Ed Sullivan Show down the street. Had they come on October 1, 1907 when The Plaza Hotel opened it's doors for the rich and famous for the first time they would of paid a Whopping...........$2.50  for their room  !  The price has gone up slightly since ............................lol
As far as the eye can see, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade spectator bleachers are being installed along Central Park West in New York City
From 59th Street to 75th Street there the parade runs from 9:00AM to 10:30AM. But the Early birds who know to dress in layers, with hand and foot warmers just might get the best spot by 6:00AM ! Some 8,000 participants in this traditional Thanksgiving Day Parade. Some entertaining acts cheat, by not walking the parade route, and simply walk out Macy's front door to be on TV during commercials and simply look like they walked the parade.  To see the balloon inflation go to 79th Street & Columbus Avenue near the Museum of Natural History the day before Thanksgiving at 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Dress warm with hand and toe warmers, bring your camera with Extra Batteries, and Memory Card as it's guaranteed  to fill up fast, if it's not already close now and you Don't want to be looking then for back up or a bathroom !
This artistically carved pumpkin spotted in a park in New York City on Halloween night is that of the 1971 British-American musical fantasy film called " Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory " it took place in Munich in 1970 and starred Gene Wilder (above) as Willy Wonka.
I know one person who would know the name of this street !  CHER ....... Because in the movie Moonstruck she walked around the corner from the right kicking a soda can and came down this block returning home.
This following sign was spotted in Pennsylvania  I just had to add it so if your texting while driving and not paying attention to the signs here's why it's against the law.  Apparently the unhappy Highway Department have to hire a crane besides a flat bed which is eating away at the budget there.  This also creates a whole new meaning to the word  ................................................................................          COWABUNGA !
Suffolk County experienced New York's largest Rain fall this morning Wednesday August 13, 2014 a Whopping 13 + Inches fell in just a few
hours in Islip and Brookhaven. Here the Pennysaver AMPITHEATER on Bald Hill, Farmingville, NY is seen with a funny new name because of it.  Maybe a dolphin show would be an added attraction ?! 

     To Help.... Restore... and see a video to learn about the project and how John & Mitch got the vision started on The NY Pavilion click on this link .......                       www.gofundme.com/1se3vg 
The Carousel you see to the North side of the Brooklyn Bridge along the East River on the Brooklyn side at a section of town called The Empire Fulton Ferry Section in Brooklyn Bridge Park was a gift ! The Carousel could have been just sold off in pieces, but Jane and David Walentas stopped that from happening on October 21, 1984 in an auction bid to buy the whole thing. Having a history dating back to 1922 and built by Philadelphia Toboggan Company this Totally restored Carousel....Named " Jane's Carousel " has 1,200 shining lights on it to bring out the finest details in craftmanship this
historic piece offers now to children and their families across the globe who come here. The Glass Pavilion Carousel House - was designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Jean Nouvel. For $2.00 Sept. 29, 2014 to May 10, 2015
11-6:00 PM and May 11, 2015 to September 27, 2015  11-7:00PM . Children under 3 free with adult purchase.
It opened on September 16, 2011.  The carousel is however closed on WEDNESDAYS, to give the Horses a rest !

The Manhattan Bridge seen here from the Cobble Stone roads there on the  Brooklyn Flatbush Ave. side was opened in December 31, 1909 and designed by Leon Moisseiff. It has 7 lanes of traffic, 4 train tracks for the B,D,N,Q trains, bicycles & pedestrians over the East River to Canal Street. But since the tracks were on the outer part, trains passing caused it to tilt and sway....Yikes ! Eventually as the trains got longer one train moved over it and the bridge was from the weight 3 feet lower on that side severely damaging the structure. Now corrected and everything flows smoothly back and forth around the clock. If you look closely you'll see what I saw, in the base of the bridge in the Cameo is the Empire State Building in the far background.
The 1.5 million dollar  Vietnam Veterans Memorial at the crest of Long Island's highest point on top of Suffolk County's Bald Hill on North Ocean Avenue was dedicated on November 11, 1991.  In a Designer Contest that had 1,300 participants was won and designed by Bob Fox a Vietnam Veteran from Massachusetts
HAL's home decorated in Fall Color flags !
                                              From a Solid Ice Sculpture to the Shores of Hawaii
                                  Happy Chanukah !

Groundhog Day is always on....FEBRUARY 2nd !   The Ceremonies start at......7:00 AM    HOLTSVILLE HAL'S Official Prognostication is Always Read at 7:25 AM Sharp !  Holtsville Hal is Suffolk Counties # 1 Weatherman and he's never bit a Mayor or been Indicted

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