On the morning of February 2, 2014 rain was in the air, it drizzled but the warmth of the day
created a mysterious erie fog instead over the area. As residents all over woke their families for the great Groundhog Day morning event, many for the first time, couldn't believe they were actually getting up this early " together "  to see a Groundhog known across the world as Holtsville Hal . As they approached the Holtsville Ecology Center & Wildlife Preserve they realized by the traffic they were not alone, not by a long shot !  " Hal " has made ALOT of friends and they woke up even earlier to find a parking space. The line of families and children had already grown waiting to get in, if you look, it was soooooooooo long it faded into the cloud of fog and well beyond. The smiles and laughter echoed across the Site, and rightfully so. They knew this was going to be a memorable Family Event to put in their scrap books, and the Staff were not about to let them down. When the gates opened the kids walked past all the animals in the Zoo, from Goats, to Bison, Eagles, Bears, Cow, Pigs, Mustangs and Roosters, Emu, Owls, and Peacocks, all the animals were wide awake......for they knew it was again......
                                    "  GROUNDHOG DAY ! "
Suffolk County experienced New York's largest Rain fall this morning Wednesday August 13, 2014 a Whopping 13 + Inches fell in just a few
hours in Islip and Brookhaven. Here the Pennysaver AMPITHEATER on Bald Hill, Farmingville, NY is seen with a funny new name because of it.  Maybe a dolphin show would be an added attraction ?! 



                                              From a Solid Ice Sculpture to the Shores of Hawaii
                                  Happy Chanukah !

Groundhog Day is always on....FEBRUARY 2nd !   The Ceremonies start at......7:00 AM    HOLTSVILLE HAL'S Official Prognostication is Always Read at 7:25 AM Sharp !  Holtsville Hal is Suffolk Counties # 1 Weatherman and he's never bit a Mayor or been Indicted

                                 The Holtsville Ecology Center and Wildlife Preserve
                       249 Buckley Road - Holtsville, NY 11742 - 631-758-9664 X 11         www.brookhavenwildlifecenter.org   &   Face Book - Facebook.com/brookhavenwildlifecenter
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